stefanie, 18, tree hugging weirdo, graphics student, youtuber and full time dreamer.
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  • Anonymous: either you have your dreads on or not you still look great because your face is fucking beautiful dear

    thank yoooooooou.

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    Anonymous: Hate urself, hate the situation your in, but your life could be worse. My life is worse my uncle died, my dog died, the girl I loved left my grasp I wish I had your life ur my roll model and I love what u have accomplished even though its a hard life

    okay well i do feel very upset for you, and i don’t think i’m worthy of being a role model whatsoever, i only show the internet as much of my life as i want to let you know! as much as i appreciate your situation as unfortunate as it is, and as much as i appreciate the message you’re trying to convey i am a little bit upset with how you’ve voiced your opinion on devaluing my issues just because you yourself are too dealing with horrible feelings. 

    always here if you need to let off steam but do remember just because i make a few videos every now and then doesn’t make me less of a human!

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